Interior Color Crush: Cobalt Blue

Both energizing and tranquil, cobalt blue is the accent color of all accent colors. While this tone has been used throughout history, it still feels modern when used today. Whether it’s used in a boldly eclectic home or as a pop of color in a modern design, it truly does work within any color palette. Below, get inspired by these three ways to use it in your home.

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#1: Ground Your Design With House Plants

Source: Nick Snow Interiors

In a design where cobalt covers the walls or large, key furniture pieces like an armchair, the room will benefit from some grounding. What better way to do that than with a house plant?

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#2: For a Modern Look, Keep the Color Palette Mostly Neutral

Sources: Left – Design by Veneer Designs, Photography by Marisa Vitale, Right – Design by Daytrip Studio, Photo by Jake Curtis

You don’t need much of this color to make a big impact. For a modern look, try bringing small doses of cobalt blue into a room through accent pieces like wall art. If you’re bringing in other tones, opt for muted shades, and don’t forget texture!

#3: Mix With Warm Tones for Bold Contrast

Sources: Left – Sandra Modrego, Right – Studio Loho (Instagram, Website)

If high contrast design is more up your alley, you’re in luck! Cobalt blue can read both traditional and modern. Plus, it doesn’t clash with vibrant, warm colors like red and orange. If you choose to decorate with multiple bold tones, just remember to leave space for the eye to rest. For more inspiration, head here for more on decorating with color.

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Affiliate disclosure: as an Amazon associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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