How to Decorate in the Eclectic Style…When You’re a Minimalist

When you hear the term ‘eclectic decor’, your mind probably conjures up images of rooms filled to the brim with pattern, color, and decorative objects. In reality, you don’t have to be a maximalist in order to be an eclectic decorator. An eclectic interior can be designed with restraint and with very little. Read on to explore these five ways minimalists can decorate in the eclectic style.

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Three Christmas Tablescape Ideas Inspired by Artilleriet

With its eclectic blend of cozy, whimsical, and editorial style, Swedish interior decor company Artilleriet has made quite a name for itself – within Scandinavia and the rest of the design world. With the company’s interest in Swedish food culture, their annual Christmas editorials naturally include stunning tablescape designs.

For a minimal yet eclectic Christmas tablescape design (with no lack of intimacy and atmosphere), consider these three takeaways from Artilleriet’s past and present Christmas campaigns.

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Holiday Decor Roundup: DIY Wreaths for Minimalists

Minimalism and holiday decor are definitely not two interior design concepts typically associated with one another. It’s only natural, then, that DIY bloggers – some of the most creative forces in the decor world – have found ways to mesh the two. Below are eight of the best minimalist DIY holiday wreath tutorials out there, which include hoop wreaths, mini wreaths, asymmetrical wreaths, and non-circular wreaths. Happy DIYing and happy holidays!

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