Three Ways to Create a Glamorous Vanity in a Small Space

You don’t need to invest in a sprawling, expensive bathroom renovation in order to efficiently and stylishly store all of your beauty tools. In fact, you can get the glamorous look a vanity provides in even the smallest of spaces – you just have to get a bit creative. If you’re stuck, consider the following vanity setup and styling tips tailored towards tight spaces.

#1: For Really Small Spaces, Create a Multi-functional Bedside Table/Vanity

Glamorous, small space vanity idea: use a nightstand (bedside table) as a vanity
Source: Union Adorn

Even the most dedicated makeup mavens don’t need a built-in vanity to store all of their products. You just have to find a bedside table (or small desk that serves as a bedside table) with drawers. If you style it with a wall-mounted sconce, you’ll have even more tabletop space for your goodies.

When it comes to styling, faux fur and ornate metallic accents create the same glamorous, luxury atmosphere you can get from a spa bathroom…at a fraction of the cost.

#2: …Or a Multi-functional Desk/Vanity

Glamorous, small space vanity idea: use a vintage desk with storage as a vanity
Sources: Design by ALL & NXTHING, Photo by Ben Waterhouse

Similarly, if you want both a desk and a vanity in your bedroom but you don’t have space for both, look for desks with ample built-in storage. An equally stylish and compact option is a vintage secretary’s desk. For the highest impact, source a piece with wood inlay or other elegant details.

#3: Use a Stool Instead of a Chair

If you’re lucky enough to have a built-in bathroom vanity, make sure to optimize your walkways by opting for a stool in lieu of a chair. When the vanity is not in use, you can push the stool under the counter.

As far as styling goes, the same rule from before applies: no design can look basic if it has metal accents – and metals are effective accents within any and every aesthetic. If you’re tight on both walkway space and counter space, make sure to also pay attention to the tabletop organizers you choose. Whether you’re going for rustic glam or a more feminine glam, you can always use glass or acrylic organizers to make countertop storage a part of your high end design.

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