10 Ways to Nail the Vintage Portrait Trend in an Eclectic Home

Eclectic interior designers are known for their sense of humor as well as their ability to seamlessly blend old and new. It’s no wonder, then, that they’ve gone crazy for the vintage portrait decor trend. Although eclectic designers don’t take themselves seriously, they do take their styling quite seriously. In order to make the trend work for your home, gather inspiration from the 10 following designs.

#1: In Lieu of a Headboard, Make a Gallery Wall

In a whimsical bedroom, a gallery wall of vintage portraits are used in lieu of a headboard. They're placed against an eclectic, collage style wallpaper.

Source: Sunny Circle Studio

#2: Align the Room’s Color Palette With the Portrait

In a hotel bedroom, a vintage portrait with a blue background plays off of the blue paint color of the wainscotting.

Source: Jersey Ice Cream Co

#3: Shine Light on a Single Portrait With Gallery Lighting

John Derian's shabby chic has an eclectic decor style that mixes different rustic, vintage, and traditional styles

Sources: Designed by John Derian, Article by Architectural Digest

#4: In a Glamorous Living Room, Hang A Portrait Above the Sofa

A glamorous, chic, and sophisticated living room uses vintage accent pieces, with the vintage portrait hanging above the sofa being the most prominent.

Source: A Glass of Bovino

#5: In a Vintage Home, Place a Single Portrait On a Fireplace Mantle

In this transitional living room, a dusty pink wall color plays off of the grey stonework in an old fireplace, with a framed vintage portrait of a woman on the mantle.

Source: Farrow and Ball

#6: Mix Vintage Portraits With Other Vintage Paintings

Sources: Designed by Molly Britt and Eric Olsen, Photo by Karyn Millet, Article by House Beautiful

#7: For a Relaxed, Eclectic Look, Place a Portrait on the Floor

A vintage portrait of a woman is placed on the floor of a living room with an eclectic mix of decorative accents.

Sources: Designed by Angelica Grimborg, Photo by Anne Nyblæus, Article by Elle Decor Sweden

#8: On a Console Table, Layer Several Portraits Together (With Gallery Lighting!)

Four vintage portraits are layered on top of one another on a console table. There's a gallery light above.

Sources: Designed by Benjamin Brougham, Photo by Maura McEvoy, Article by Design*Sponge

#9: Place a Single Portrait in an Alcove

In a remodeled Spanish Colonial Revival living room, there's a vintage portrait in a niche style wall alcove.

Sources: Designed by Amber Interiors, Styled by CJ Sandgren, Photo by Tessa Neustadt

#10: Hang a Trio Above a Credenza

Source: Scout Design Studio

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