Meet Trim Design Co, the Interior Design Firm That Blends Boho and Traditional Styles

Trim Design Co. is a boutique interior design firm founded by designers Annabel Joy and Jen Dulac. With an aesthetic that’s centered around styling classic pieces with a bohemian point of view, Trim provides full-service interior design and luxury DIY eDesign packages for their clients unique tastes.

Trim stands apart from other design firms by “incorporating vintage and artisanal items into every one of its full-service and eDesigns, creating homes steeped in individuality”. The duo even created a term for their unique blend of bohemian and traditional decor styles, coined as ‘bohoditional’.

Photo by Megan Booth Photography

Annabel and Jen can take a house with traditional bones and turn it into a space that honors the past and looks to the future.

Photo by Megan Booth Photography

The pair has a penchant for bringing bohemian accents, pops of bold color, and contemporary pieces into traditional homes.

Photo by Megan Booth Photography

Photo by Annabel Joy

True to their transitional approach, when they use classic, neutral color palettes, they style them in new and exciting ways.

Photo by Annabel Joy

Photo by Annabel Joy

They also run a shop with an eclectic (yet carefully curated) assortment of decor. Click here to shop the original oil painting of a riverbed (above), and click here to shop the blue and white porcelain garden stool (below).

Photo by Annabel Joy

To see more, head over to Trim’s website and Instagram. For more on vintage decor, head here.

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