Five Reasons Why White Walls and House Plants Are a Match Made in Decor Heaven

From bohemian beach houses to Tudor Revival renovations, a variety of homes can benefit from a fresh coat of white paint. It’s not quite that simple, though. In order to get the most out of your paint job, you must pay attention to the decor surrounding your freshly painted walls.

The easiest and oftentimes most affordable way to balance a white room is to bring in some greenery. House plants are a useful decorator’s tool in any interior, but they’re especially helpful in a room with white paint. Below, read the top five reasons why…

#1: Any Type of House Plant Will Mesh With White Walls

Sources: Minted Interiors, Photo by Carrie Young Photography

Every plant you bring into your home will bring with it the characteristics of the place it’s native to. Bright white walls harmonize with vivid green tones and they provide a neutral backdrop that allows a plant to tell its unique story.

#2: House Plants Keep a White Room From Falling Flat

Source: Artilleriet

White walls free up visual space, but that space has to be utilized carefully or else a room can feel sterile. That’s where house plants and their planters come in handy. Bohemian decorators for example, oftentimes group together a variety of indoor plants housed in uniquely textured vintage planters.

3) Together, They Bridge the Gap Between the Indoors and the Outdoors

Sources: Designed by Shanade McAllister-Fisher, Photo by Nathalie Priem

Because they reflect sunlight, white walls blur the lines between interior and exterior. House plants support this illusion by literally bringing the outdoors in. In a white room with nature-inspired decorative accents, a small potted plant is all that’s needed to create the effect – and to ground the room.

4) White Walls + a Large House Plant = a Minimalist’s Best Friends…

Sources: Light & Ladder via Sight Unseen, Photo by Nicole Franzen

House plants aren’t just for bohemian homes anymore. Using just one indoor plant is an easy way for a minimalist to avoid clutter while still integrating texture and color into a white space. Because people are visually drawn to nature, one large plant demands attention in any room – especially in one with a bright blank slate.

5) …And a Renovator’s Best Friends, Too

Source: The Every Girl

Until fairly recently, white was not a common neutral wall color in most American homes. A fresh coat of white paint is an extremely transformative secret weapon in a renovation, but if the decor surrounding the walls isn’t styled strategically, the paint job can feel out of place.

Sources: The Design Files via Pinterest, Photo by Eve Wilson

In old homes with features like brick fireplaces and detailed woodwork, house plants can serve as transitional decorative pieces. They align with the house’s nature-inspired character while also providing a breath of fresh air that mimics the effect of a coat of white paint.

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If you do choose to utilize this dynamic duo in your home, just make sure you first pick the right white paint. In the meantime, leave me a comment about your take on the pair. You can read more on decorating with house plants here.

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